Here’s a 5 day forecast that would make any weather man/woman keep his/her job for an eternity…Rachel is officially leaving the BB house!!! Don’t believe me? Too much time before eviction night? Not a chance!!

Once again, Brittany has captured the POV.  Not unlike last week (where I personally think she was ready to pull the gun until the word “Lane” came out of that A-hole’s mouth) the Veto will remain tucked safely, 20 million light years away, with a ZERO chance of being used. Saboteur or not…it ain’t happening.

Stripper supporters unite because it will be your last week to claim “how hard” and “how well” she did (keep in mind it’s only week 5) before she is forgotten and fizzled away. That girl is chock full o’ tact. I’m not even trying to be objective (if I ever was) and really think she is a completely crazy, scorned child who didn’t get her way. It’s been going on since week one after she was saved and found “true love”. Hayden said it best, “chicks like that I avoid at the bar…”. So true Shaggy. Which reminds me…does anyone else think CBS edits those two like a low budget daytime soap opera? If you think she is all that…I KNOW you can’t be watching the feeds or BBAD.

This is quickly forming into an ideal season. Ditch the witch and let’s see how it turns out. You know, I almost (almost) feel bad for Agent Orange. If she didn’t complain constantly, took her HOH wins in stride, didn’t grandstand for the camera…I might have felt bad and said, “ohhh, she’s just one of those types that is so ugly and confused that she REALLY needs to try to overcompensate with EVERYTHING!!”…and I would be cool with that. Didn’t happen. Watch your BBAD and feeds people. Yes, the others…all of them talk poop and have their issues…but she is the worst hands down. Anyone have 70 pounds of cover up, grossly exaggerated fake breasts, red hair dye+ the proper extensions, Lithium and some Patron?

Let me leave you with a direct quote:

“It’s like, they’re all so jealous of me, Brendan. It’s like, so stupid, like, why am I even mad? Like, I live in Vegas…and the stories I tell…like, they can’t even believe that’s the life I live…you know, Brendan…do you Brendan? Seriously…you know?” -The Stripper

Case closed. Move on. See you at All-Stars…LAUGH F’ING OUT F’ING LOUD!!

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