This has been a week of super rumors.  Even I got caught up in the Pandora’s Box hype.  With an eviction eminent of either Jordan or Jeff, I will bet the farm there is no big surprise headed to the BB house tonight.  I know a lot of you want to believe Jeff is going to magically stay in the house to the end, then have his own talk show, then have a Playgirl photo shoot, then have a 24/7 feed of him washing cars with his shirt off, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.  The truth is…he’s going home. 


It’s funny how boring the house got so soon after the departure of Russell.  The Natalie and Kevin show with the lies and scheming are so blah blah at this point.  It’s all about comps now.  There’s no one left to throw under a bus.  No one left to blame or be mad at.  There are reasons enough for each HG to take anyone to the end.  The thing I find funniest, are the people asking for JH votes.  They must have forgotten that the departed to get to see the aired broadcast once evicted.  Wonder how much that’s gonna help or hurt Nat and Kevin. 


Feasibly, for Michele fans, she has two chances this week to secure a run for the final two.  HOH and POV.  Considering her competition, things are looking pretty good for her.  Who’s in the worst position, Kevin. Who’s playing in HOH?  Nat, Michele and Jordan…whoop-t-doo, that’s gonna be a barn burner.  Needless to say, prepare yourself for a lack luster ending.  Don’t forget the good times, though.      


The finale is exactly 12 days away.  After tonight, there is one more eviction going into the 3 part battle to see who goes to the final two.  Minus tonight and finale night, there are only 4 more broadcasts sloted until this season is over.  The idea of a HG coming back or something THAT big happening, is slim.  Of course, anything can happen as we all know.  Time is definitely limited and I wouldn’t count on it.  I guess I can “HOPE” for it.  Boy, that Pandora thing really flew out of control, huh?  Nothing much more to add.  Pretty boring stuff in the BB house right now if you didn’t already know.  Who’s gonna win the 500k?


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