Into the wee hours of this morning, as the majority of the house, minus Danielle, practiced with a competition device supplied to them by BB…it seemed like the votes were unofficially locked in and even Danielle herself was convinced that she was packing up shop and accepting her fate…UNTIL…

Flash to about 1-2:00am BBT when Rachel was mesmerized, by what seemed like, a parting plea for a vote to stay from Danielle. Within a matter of minutes, Danielle had her claws into Rachel spewing everything and anything to appeal to Rachel’s emotional nature. The frantic speech continued as Danielle made her points to Rachel about Jeff throwing last weeks Veto that could have ultimately saved Brenden. This statement was also backed up by Shelly. Seeing an opportunity to further exploit everything wrong with Jeff and Jordan…Danielle remained vigilant filling Rachel’s head with things like…”You are just helping write the check to Jeff…you know that don’t you?” After what looked like very little effort manipulating a flat out stupid Rachel, a genuine smile returned to the face of Danielle and all bets are now off.

Still dizzy from the spell of Danielle, Rachel kept her new “secret” alliance, a “secret” from J/J when they asked her about her talk with Danielle…and continues to do so. This post is coming to you roughly 3 hours since Rachel flipped. As of now, you are looking at Rachel, Shelly and Porsche keeping Danielle. This is madness…Rachel DOES remember Danielle put her fiancé up and out the door, right? Where is Brenden when you need him to slap Rachel in the face?

During this whole bout, Adam shot Danielle straight, you know, the ONLY thing she ever asks for…he is 100% NOT voting to keep her. Needless to say, the common courtesy she requests from ALL HGs, “just tell me”…ya, she didn’t take that news so well. Danielle goes on to tell Adam how her dad liked him…but now hates him (um, how would she know that…production again?). Good for you, Adam, sticking to your guns. These last few hours have made me crazy. I’m picking this point and stopping until the live show plays out…

Lastly, Adam has kept his knowledge of Shelly beating him up for the Danielle vote under his cap. I’m not completely clear why and I don’t think it’s gonna matter. At this point, he has all but outed her to J/J…and by the time I’m done typing…he could have already spilled the beans. This game is gonna turn into a battle royale slugfest.

With the hours ticking until the cameras go live…Rachel better pull her head out of wherever it is and know she is walking into a losing proposition. On the flip side…I’ve always said Danielle and Rachel would be a tough duo to contend with. A/J/J…you have got your work cut out for you now. NOW this…IS Big Brother!!

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