WOW! It seems almost impossible to get any real gauge of what’s going on in the BB house right now other than who is on the block and who is HOH. It is game play 24/7 this season. I can’t recall a season starting out with so many double, triple, quadruple deals, deal breaking, remaking and flip-flopping. This is quite the bipolar group.

I guess I’ll try and recap from the big fight that broke out last night. I guess Willie never heard the expression, “cooler heads prevail”…or maybe he just didn’t like Frank reminding him he told Frank he wouldn’t put him on the block…which he did. As Willie puffed his chest to Frank in the backyard last night over what actually defines a homophobic slur, the conversation continued to get down right silly. I’m not going to go into great detail but Frank apparently told a select few HGs that Willie had mocked Wil, in what was observed to be, a blatant attack on Wil’s sexual orientation. You can be the judge on that one. Willie continued to speak of Fruit Loops and being a “grown-ass man” (whatever that is) telling Frank he is going home this week.  He also proceeded to tell Frank who is voting which way…enter Boogie. Boogie, who I can’t recall ever getting genuinely upset in any of his seasons, came to the aid of Frank as Willie continued his rant…and it looked to be more than just a coach protecting his player. Boogie went on to explain to Willie that he doesn’t control anything at this point…and more to the point…he doesn’t control the people playing to begin with. I thought that was a special moment for Boogie.

There’s no doubt Willie has rubbed people the wrong way. I would put him at the center of friction in the BB house. If I’m any other coach but Britney, I’m happy, even with the prospect of losing a player. I don’t see Willie calming down any time soon and he seems to take everything personally…remind you of anyone? We’ll see how long he lasts. People like that tend to hang around in BB…and some even win the whole thing.

The rumors of coaches returning as players still lingers. Every hour, it seems, there is a new version of who heard what and when. Even the coaches themselves have huddled up to discuss the possibility. Boogie and Dan seem skeptical…Britney and Janie…seem more certain. Footnote: there is footage of Janie agreeing with Boogie stating, “no way” based on the contract they signed…and footage of her telling Britney she thinks it’s gonna happen. That explains it then.

I definitely think the guy coaches are playing the better game right now…after all…they did both win a season of BB…even if Dr. Will did carry Boogie on All Stars. Will Janelle finally get revenge on Boogie or will she be duped by another? Will Britney stop saying she’s not gonna talk game…then two seconds later…talk game? Will Dan repeat success? Will Boogie win America over?

By the way, it’s week 1. WEEK ONE!! Who’s gonna win this thing?

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