No matter what “side” of the house you were rooting for, last night’s Live Show provided the best action of the season. Both sides said goodbye to key players of their groups.

As Danielle went out the door by a vote of 3-2, it seemed like all that early morning madness of a potential side-jumping Rachel was just wishful thinking. Can’t blame Danielle for trying. Until about halfway through the day…I really thought she may go through with it. So all the “Daniacs” out there are probably a little bitter today. But wait!…there’s more…and time to rejoice….

The world stops. America crumbles. Stocks plumment. The rebels take to the streets. Big Jeff (why he calls himself that…I don’t know…I thought Dom nicknamed him that), ALSO, departs the BB house.

As the show began, it was apparent Jeff was in a feisty mood (Shelly). He probably broke a filling or two as he was grinding his teeth away. After Jeff’s eviction plan came full circle…it was time to let his “alliance” (who’s in that again?) keep the power close by. One problem…they didn’t.

Just about as fast as it could happen…Jeff found himself out the door. Anyone else notice him fling that other clown shoe right out of the bin in the POV comp…funny. Clearly, and to my disappointment, Adam had thrown, once again, another HOH. It’s hilarious to see how it seems to be common practice nowadays to throw comps when you’re not the target. Strategy?…some would argue.

No one is gonna argue that Kalia was acting on strict orders from Danielle beyond the grave with her nominations and tie breaking vote. Though her reign of HOH was short lived…I can still hear echoes of her and Porsche high fiving. No doubt Dani will be flashing that creepy skeleton smile when Jeff catches up to her.

As far as acting like an adult goes when you get evicted…I give that one to Danielle. Though her speech was as scripted as it gets…she was given more time to digest her fate than…let’s say…Jeff. The censor button was on overload with that guy. I know you “got, got” and betrayed and all…but take your licks and know it’s just a game show. It’s just an awesome…painful…thrilling…disgusting game. I will say, at least Jeff seemed genuine with his rage, whereas, Danielle seemed like she was playing a character she wrote for herself. Either way…they gone!

The next order of business. The next HOH. Well, if you haven’t heard…wait for it…Yep…it’s Porsche. 2 for 2 to the Newbies. Anyone wanna guess who she’s gonna nominate? We will know today for sure.

If there is such a thing as “Southern Charm”, he didn’t exist last night. Cute, little, sweet, no business playing BB, Jordan, lost her mind on Shelly. Lots of swearing and shunning going on. “I gave you the call home!!…Why…WHY?” I don’t know, why did you? You can’t be suspicious of someone and then wonder “why” later. Seems counter-intuitive to me.

I can’t help but be reminded of last year’s final 4 duds (yes, I know about the “ratings”). We now enter into the realm of “who deserves to be here”. There’s still plenty of game left and though it may seem like Rachel and Jordan are alone on an island…it’s not all trust and smiles within the Newbie camp either. One thing is certain…that’s one scorned Jury House.

I expect nothing less than more personal attacks, lying, bashing, stealing, blow ups and fireworks this week. Character has left the building.

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