Someone needs to rewind the tapes.  Was there is blow up last night in the BB house?  Yes.  Was it the best live feed since Evel Dick threw water on Jen?  Yes. 


Now, I had hopes for the Jeff, Jordan, Russ and Michele alliance like a great deal of you did.  I’m not even saying that it is over.  A lot of the stuff that happened last night will cool down when Ronnie goes out the door. 


That being said, Michele is not completely innocent.  For those of you that were Casey fans, he was the first one to put a finger on her.  You can say that Jessie and Nat were the ones creating the hoopla last night but it wouldn’t be completely accurate.  Did Jessie hide from the fight?  Yes.  Did Nat not stick up for Russ?  Yes.  All the things that were in Russell’s head, were there before Jessie came up to the HOH.  Michele did, in fact, switch who she told Jessie she would want out.  Even Jessie had a hard time with that when he was HOH last week.  It had nothing to do with Russell.  So it wasn’t a lie. It’s fact.  I heard.  I saw.  First it was Casey, then Ronnie. 


Although Russell is losing it a bit, I think he was having a hard time questioning Michele last night with Chima already pissed at Russ for personal stuff.  He should have waited and talked to Michele alone.  At that point, he could have read her better.  He already had doubt that she wasn’t honest with him about who was in the Green Room when he asked her.  She flat out told him two different things.  I heard it.  I saw it.  First she was in there, then she wasn’t.  You’re playing BB, of course any lie is not gonna be overlooked by anyone, paranoid or not.  Russell had issue with that way before last night’s blow out.  Russell might be a lot of things, but he’s not dumb.  He wasn’t guessing that she said that…she DID say that.  Moving on.  Michele also told Russell that Chima flat out wanted to back door him.  That is what Michele said Chima told her about Russ.  She didn’t speculate, like she said last night.  She said it.  Chima being up in the HOH when this was going down was all the way bad.  It would have been a different outcome without her there I’m sure.  I’m not faulting Michele’s game play one bit.  She just got caught in a few lies.  Minor or not…you playing BB.  Like I said before, it’s time to get the mouthpieces out of the BB house.  Namely, Chima and Lydia.  They are just as bad as Ronnie and the true catalysts of last night’s jamboree.  Does anyone read my blog?


Something noteworthy.  I thought it was awesome when Jeff and Jord were in the hammock talking about the “mystery” power and Jeff said, “If I get it, I’m putting up Jessie and Nat…let them duke it out.”  Good things are still to come.  Still lots ‘o game to be played.  Vote for Jeff!!

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