I guess it’s a matter of what you define as game play. Do the competition winners deserve the rights to the top prize? Do the people that throw comps and use others to take out strong threats prevail? Do you award the people that you personally liked best?

The funny thing about these questions…that’s what the jury is going to have to decide.

Every season a mixed bag of game players walk in to the BB house. We love…we hate…we judge…and round and round we go.

The fact is, no one, on this show or otherwise, says or does the “right” thing, (whatever that is) all the time. You, as a viewer, if you so decide, have the ability to watch a group of people shoved in a house 24 hours a day, unedited (sort of).

Now, as much as I would love to say that BB game play goes on that whole time…it really doesn’t. Sometimes and a lot of times…people are just being who they are. It’s what makes the 24/7 ability such a rare find because you DO get to know these people, and in some instances, better than their own friends and family. When is the last time you were viewed 24 hours a day, every day, for people to critique your “isms”, personal habits or general demeanor?…never?…me too. You may not fare so well. In saying all that, it’s time to hit you with some hard truth.

As another POV competition passes, little changes for the typical winners of such events. Here is your list of HOH/POV victors. Would it surprise you to know that only 6 (really 5 if you take out Hayden’s default HOH) out of 13 people have won all HOH/POV comps? These are what winners of comps look like:

• Matt
• Rachel (evicted)
• Ragen
• Britt
• Brendon
• Hayden

These are what losers of comps look like:

• Lane
• Enzo
• Monet (evicted)
• Annie (evicted)
• Kathy (evicted)
• Andrew (evicted)
• Kristen (evicted)

I’ve said this a million times before…you wanna stay?…win the comps. Look above…numbers don’t lie.

Now, we move steadily into the “who can I beat in the end” phase…and that’s when I really start to get bothered by the “let’s play the jury vote”. Let’s be honest…you know who likes you and who doesn’t no matter what they say to your face or what you try to say to swing a vote. A convincing, critical competition win is your best form of jury flattery. The Dr. Will clones are a thing of the past (there was only one true success to begin with).

As mentioned above, other than one HG, the losers get sent packing. It’s really sad to think there is only a month or so left and not even half of the house is responsible for ALL combined HOH/POV wins. I include Hayden’s HOH but I really shouldn’t. So you can say five people if you would like.

The Brigade is pointless…a bunch of complaining non-winners talking about making big, bold moves. I’m over it. Insert rotating winning HG as the new revolving Brigade member…now it’s Brenden. They can’t win if they were the only ones playing.

It’s a shame Brenden is playing so personal because if he teamed up with the people he personally dislikes…they could dismantle the three most worthless HGs in the game’s history…how ‘bout that for your 15 minutes? “Biggest group of non-doing floaters in BB history”…sounds about right to me.

The big question is…complaining, hair picking, and lies aside…who is best poised to win?

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