This is a glorious day for me. Remember how less than 48 hours ago I said Brenchel (I hate these stupid name merge things but it saves me time and neither one is less putrid than the other) were not as annoying as last year and that it seemed to some degree they had learned from the general public’s hatred of them….well…they didn’t.

If you missed it, go to a friend’s house and watch last nights’ BBAD. In short, they were engaged in a deep conversation about Rachel’s beauty (put gun to head now) and Brenden’s deep, carefully thought out and really, really important laundry list of pre-marital requirements that Rachel needs to sync up to if they are gonna have that “dream” wedding in the Burger King parking lot she’s counting on. These two are a piece of work. If you recall BB bringing out Brenden’s ex “other” fiancé last year, she referred to him as a controlling and domineering bully. Guess what, he sure is. There was a point when he was adamant about Rachel not seeking plastic surgery at any point in her life because he feels it is wrong and quote, “It’s a big thing for me…”. Apparently, he wasn’t staring at her gigantic plastic boulders when he had this sporadic epiphany. It gets way worse.

The point of the story is that they both suck and have learned zero from their second chance. Count the minutes until they explode because it is coming. If all that wasn’t bad enough, I also find great joy in watching them tell Jeff, Jordan and Dani how to move forward with the game. Hey idiots, Jordan won her season!! Dick, won his season with his daughter in tow. The world, and the whole house hated both you guys!! Brenden, you’re worried about this show affecting your PhD and being professional? Here’s a clue, you’re already a joke. The crying YouTube video apology…don’t forget to put that on your resume along with your shirtless climb up Mt. Everest with nothing more than a pair of shorts and a toothpick.

Now on to game talk. It’s sad to say but the noobs are completely gassed. There is, one, however who is positioned incredibly well. Yep, Shelly. Who knew? She has everyone fooled and is pulling it off flawlessly. Not on a single radar and liked by everyone….a tough feat in BB. I don’t see her running into problems any time soon and if she does get ousted for the vote…it really doesn’t matter at this point.

I hope the newbies have some brain power in that crew because the psychical side of the vets is stacked against them. If I know BB, this veto will be playing to the strengths of the new kids as to not make this a run away blow out for the vets. Someone needs to step up and challenge these guys quick or this is gonna get real boring, real fast and by the looks of the internet boards, people don’t have much to say. Look for Dom, Adam or Cassie to go packing this week…most likely Cassie. Time, as always, will tell.

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