For those of you that do not know me, I was a permanent fixture on this blog last year dedicating way too much of my time to the highs and lows of season 11. I was very vocal about the production value and classless behavior that went on last season. That being said….I WISH I HAD IT ALL BACK!!

Someone much wiser than me told me that a Big Brother house without strong Chima (you know how much I couldn’t stand her), Jessie and Russell type personalities would never translate to good t.v…. and he was right. This cast is downright boring.

As I have been quietly observing the feeds and After Dark, it is painful to hang on to. The Rachel and Brenden thing looks about as cheesy and forced as it can be. Even with the constant whining from Brittany, Regan’s daily blabbering of seasons past and how the whole show works, even with the zombielike blank stares and white noise from the rest of the cast, and even with Matt’s delusional ‘self-proclaimed’ genius level mind games…I can’t muster up enough energy to even care. I’m barely upset by any of the actions thus far in the game.

I should be much more upset with people at this point. I should be cursing the t.v. and have my favs all locked up by now. I mean, I can barely pass judgment on any of these guys…what fun is that?!! This is Big Brother!! Is ‘meow-meow’ the most entertaining thing on this show? Does Kristen speak more than five sentences a day? Is Hayden trying to replicate Animal from the Muppet Show? Does Lane ever take off that hat? Is Andrew even in the house? Does Cathy realize her eyeliner looks like an intricate spider web? What is the world coming to?

I know I do not see many of my other comrades posting this year, are you out there? Am I alone in my principals? As always, I will continue to watch and endure a season of BB that has proved to be a great sleeping aid for me. I’m sure CBS is in the laboratory cooking up some new life for this season…I just hope it happens quick.

As far as updates go, you can count on Andrew packing his bags this week. Getting out Cathy is like killing a unicorn with a bomb and they all realize that. P.S.-Matt is really dumb. Hope they get out Ms. Funbags and Mr. Robot before CBS finds a way to rig them around till the end. Jeff and Jordan they are not…they aren’t even Ike and Tina. Anyone feel my pain?

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