The world we live in is a crazy place, indeed. Apparently, fans of Big Brother or should I say, fans of Jeff, are still really, really upset with Shelly and her vote to cast off Jeff.

I came across this link and thought I would share. Taking it with a grain of salt due to the nature of the information, TMZ, an entertainment gossip site, the story looks to have some merit. The post dates roughly 10:30am yesterday and appears to have been addressed by Allison Grodner herself via twitter. Take a look yourself.

I don’t want to perpetuate the situation but if there are people out there doing stupid things in the name of a game show…take a deep breath and grow up. It’s one thing to vent frustration on message boards and exercise your freedom of speech…it’s another thing to take matters into your own hands and have the FBI put you in custody.

Enjoy the show…safely. Any thoughts?

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