It didn’t take long, so I’ve shaken off some doubt and have tried to climb back on the BB super-highway. Fresh with some new perspective…here we go.

Was America’s Vote rigged? How will Danielle approach her next HOH? These are some of the hot topics being discussed on the BB grapevine.

As any of you diehards out there know, as the votes (unofficial) were being tallied, Dominic and Cassie definitely had a considerable lead compared to any of the other evicted HGs. Dom and Cassie had something like 35% of the vote each with Brenden at about 17% and Keith with the change. So what happened?

One can only guess. As it was pointed out before, CBS is gonna do what CBS wants to do whether you vote your brains out or not. So try not to be THAT upset with the results. Obviously, if you pay any attention to the aired CBS show, you can see it’s the “Rachel/Brenden vs. Danielle” show. Just stop for a minute next time you watch the show and see how much of the program is spent between the two. Are there nuggets of drama in there? Yes there is. Does anyone else live in the house? Yes, but you would barely know it by just watching what CBS gives you.

On to the matter at hand…how did Brenden receive over “A Million” votes and become the next Jeff? He probably didn’t…and he’s not Jeff. I can see why people may have voted for him. Maybe they thought Rachel was gonna get booted and they would have to face off. Only one problem with that…we’ve already seen what Brenden does when that happens. He falls on the sword (Excalibur if I’m not mistaken) and takes himself out. Maybe Brenden was the best option for people to vote for because of the choices given to them. Did anyone else deserve the second shot? Well, Brenden is now on shot number 3. Maybe he is just such a “good person” that America couldn’t help but vote him back in (shoot me in the face).

Who knows. One thing I am certain of…it’s already going to both, Brenden and Rachel’s, heads. Don’t thank us guys…don’t think we are ALL on your page. Wait until you watch the tapes back…and definitely don’t read anything I’ve posted about you. In a world of surreal reality and delusion…I’m scared for Rachel. CBS keeps pumping (exploiting) her every single insecurity and grandstanding it, complete with up close sobbing montages and appropriate-sounding “The Shining” music every time they cue in on her. If airtime is what you wanted…you got it, baby! Someone hide the knives and razorblades…it’s gonna get ugly on the outside.

Moving on. As Danielle takes another HOH, I am guessing she will assemble her patented safety net packages and distribute them to all of the HGs. With Kalia wasting her HOH and sending home one of their own, the nominations could prove to be more challenging this time around for Danielle (master strategist?). For someone who has been planning to come back on the show ever since her season ended…I wonder how she feels she’s doing. I wonder if she thinks it “fair”. More importantly, will she convince people to do her bidding? Even more, more important than that, who is left for her to convince? If you’re in to building sides…it kinda looks like this:

Adam (maybe)



The odds don’t look so good for Danielle, but she IS a “genius”, so I’m sure she’ll figure it out. She’s proven me wrong before. Not that I think I “power move” has been played, considering a “power move” is usually a move no one knows about until it explodes in their face (I’m not counting Lawon either…he’s just dumb), now might be a good time for Danielle to jump back on to the Vets side, and finish out the rest of the newbies. Think about it, other than Kalia…the original Vets are fighting each other for no other reason than ego and have won just about every comp in the house…or at least won the comps that matter. But, that won’t happen. This is Danielle. Daughter of Evel. Demi-God of scowls and scorns. I mean, how’s it gonna look when she is at ALL those wrap parties having to explain why she didn’t win like daddy? What are her “famous” friends gonna think? Check the ego, bro.

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