So Dan pulls a rabbit out of his hat and it looks like Frank’s 9 lives are finally up in the BB house. Dan and Ian have a secret alliance and everyone else is just following orders. It truly seems to be amateur hour over at BB.

Is Dan a genius…naaaa. Is he playing with a clueless pool of players…I’d say. Does he frequently say, “I threw that comp” to cover up the fact that he couldn’t win half the stuff he “throws” straight up? I mean, if it was only about comps…Dan…isn’t the guy for the job, but he’s in there…as the last coach standing and has no real competition other than maybe Ian…who happens to be in one of Dan’s many “alliances” of the season. These people are just dumb.

I guess I don’t have to tell you how it’s all gonna play out in the end. Do you see any shockers coming down the pipe? Me neither. Oh my God, Dan betrayed Danielle!! Joe won something!! Ian is really working with Julie Chen!! There’s a hidden player who’s been locked in a secret room the whole time living off tree bark!!

Now I understand why coaches were needed this season. Clearly, the noobs don’t know how to play the game…or play by themselves…except for Joe…who plays WITH himself. Well, I guess that’s about it. Sorry Frank, you put the work in but got duped more times than you were on the block.

As production does its best to interfere with a game that is supposed to be free form, it makes you wonder who really controls the fate of the game. Are these people actors…or competitors on a reality game show? I mean, I know BB helps those incapable of cleaver goodbye messages (Britney). I know they purposely help those along through selective competitions. I know they like to leak DR convos and raise suspicion that would otherwise not exist without them. And I know they tell people what they can and cannot say to each other. So what role does the “player” have?

This is probably the least I’ve watched BB in all the years of it being on the air. Ya, I’m cynical. Ya, the show has changed a lot over the years. And ya, I still watch it…but I’m sick of the returning HGs, the role of production, the egos and the expectation of fame from reality TV. In the early years, BB didn’t know what they had and it was innocent and fun…now it’s corrupted and leaves little surprise to the true fans.

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