Alright, enough is enough.  I told myself that I would never write an emotionally driven blog.  Ronnie got the best of me once on that.  I just can’t hold it back anymore. 

I have tried to be objective, throwing in my opinions here and there.  Reporting on more about the facts, than personal belief. 

I always thought it was better to be informed, than it was to berate my own take on the show.  I am still susceptible to doing it either way, because I am vested in the show like you are.  And I’ll try to stay objective…but not today.  

I try to keep my personal comments for the “comments section”, and leave the blog to fact.  If you watch the feeds, then you see what’s going on.  I just try to concise it, and give it back with some perspective.  I digress. 

This isn’t my pity party.  Personal opinion DOES come in to play when you personally believe that what certain people do in the house, is against what you believe having watched the show, and how YOU live your own life in the real world. 

Let’s be frank though.  If you’re an ass in the BB house…you probably are in your every day…if you’re cool and endearing…life is most likely good to you.  You can’t hide yourself 24/7 as BB clearly intends to prove.  Blah blah me…I’m rambling.  Let me get to the point.

Chima.  Chima, Chima, Chima, Chima, Chima.  She breaks ALL the molds to me.  I’ve been watching this show for a few.   She has no semblance of tact or class as she so loudly claims to have.  I really believe she is better suited for “Flavor of Love 99”, than Big Brother, if anything.  There are a lot of demons in the BB house.  No Doubt.  Never have I witnessed a continual, delusional, maniacal, devious, intentional, calculated (the list goes on), hurtful person like this in my BB life.  She is also a reverse misogynist.  Now, Russell is one too apparently…and a “terrorist”.  Oh ya, and people from the South can barely speak English?  BB better not mess with your noms or else?  I’m not making this up guys!  She said it.  Good one, Chima.  I can’t list all this.  She directly stated that she didn’t think Braden was a racist…just good for her career (it’s that crazy folks).  She wants to make a career out of this?  What ever that means.  Her sheer sight, creeps up my neck. Ha ha ha ha ha (Chima laugh) 

Yes….Russell never liked you.  Though he didn’t gracefully let you back down to crazy town…you have went beyond any realm of taste.  This is NOT game play.  It should be addressed to production that when a house guest is clearly trying to provoke a physical attack on another, a penalty is in order.  She doesn’t care any way.  I know, the first battle was rumored to have been planned, but she is at it again talking about getting Russell to hit her.  This isn’t Evel Dick 2.0…just EVIL (see how the words are different?). 

Obviously (LOL), she bothers me.  As like every season, I am always walking on repulsive eggshells until someone wises up or bucks up or whatever and does what needs to be done.  That part is starting to happen (Thank God).  It’s not even that she is dangerous in the game play sense…she is simply dangerous…psyche ward style.  Bring it Chima!  Like Ronnie, you are nothing without a crowd and a supporting cast.  I’ll get a journalism degree for fun…in a week…if you even have one.  The Doctor is in!!  Go brag about another “millionaire”…sorry…”billionaire” you have dated.  But you’re on Big Brother?…single?…30’s +?  Almost forgot this one.  Yes! …All of us “losers” that watch the feeds and BBAD WILL get a “life” as you so eloquently put.  The first order of business, is to make your “life” really suck…like it doesn’t already.  You have EPIC issues!  We must just not understand you, honey.  Get bent, b**ch!  Sorry for this fellow bloggers…I had to.  She is making a mockery of Big Brother.  Seacrest…out!   

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