For another week in the BB house, the nominations set by the HOH have been altered. As Adam will, no doubt, pull himself down from the block, who will Danielle choose to put up in his place?

With the jury (and ultimately the game) being controlled solely by the Vets, Danielle has to be careful who she makes mad at this point. The bad news for her…no matter what she says or does to justify breaking up B/R, the attack will be personal (even if it’s not) and could possibly cost her at least two jury votes.

For now, Brenden says he would vote for Danielle in the end, regardless, because she is the only one playing the game other than Rachel and himself. Considering he is a walking contradiction in just about everything he says and does (example: not liking how Jeff treats Jordan but treats Rachel a million times worse), I almost believe him in this respect because that is how he based his jury decision last year (game play).

But what is game play? To B/R it’s clearly winning comps…period. Why? Because B/R are so bad at every other aspect of the game, it’s the only way they can get themselves to the end. They almost instantly piss off the entire house when they come into anything that remotely resembles power and wield it around foolishly further alienating themselves. If all things are equal, no matter who sits next to either one of them at the end, with the exception (to this point) of maybe Porsche and Kalia, anyone else is sure to garner the majority of the votes to win the game.

Danielle took a risk in nominating Adam and Shelly. On the one side, you make the Vets happy they are not on the block, on the other side, you have two new enemies and made your target even bigger. Let’s face it, Danielle is at the point of no return. She wins big comps, knows the game and has the majority of the house waiting for the chance to evict her. No matter what deals she makes to save herself, I’m pretty certain they will not be honored. If someone has the chance to boot her, she will be gone. So what should happen now that Adam is not an option to go home this week?

Well, Shelly is not out of the woods (even though Dani says she is). In the likely event Danielle backpedals to limit the amount of attention on her, and puts Brenden back on the block as she told Shelly she would, you would think it would be obvious that Brenden would go home. It should be…but here’s a different view.

The Vets are only as good as their numbers. I’ll spare you breaking down who is good at what. If you want Danielle gone…as volatile as Brenden is, keeping him around to take her down, if for nothing more than revenge and a target off my back, is something I could trust a lot more than an ally in Shelly who only makes promises, hasn’t won anything and plays both sides well. We will see what happens…

On a side note: Those who thought I fabricated my poll percentages from the America’s Vote…should re read the UNOFFICIAL marker in my previous post. Those were, at the time the article was written, in fact, the accurate UNOFFICIAL standings. As someone else already pointed out, the fact that Julie Chen’s percentage/total vote on the live show were numerically inaccurate…was the main focus of topic that other commenters were so upset about…and why it was addressed to begin with. Relax.

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