Soooo tasty.  This is going to be a CRAZY show on Thursday.  The POV comp is done and we have ourselves a winner.  And it’s Kevin!!  Yep.  Kevin.  The smoke has settled and it seems the bestie of the Queen of “Cutting” is the new POV champ.


Let’s dive in.  Something to mention right off the bat.  When the selection process was going on for POV…looks like Russell stumbled across HG Choice and really slapped Jessie in the face by calling on help from his good pal…wait for it…JEFF!  Slap!  Ouch!  I thought that was something you wanted to know.


This poses some REAL good stuff for Thursday night.  Madness I tell ya!  On a side note, for those that didn’t catch it.  Chima was going OFF to the BB cams about the CDT and how they better not screw with her noms or she will make the live show HELL.  Going on to say, “I don’t care about my stipend”, and many other colorful pleasantries.  It’s gonna be a good one folks. 


Will Jeff use the CDT?  All the ducks are in a row.  The future seems bright for another “classy” exit speech on Thursday.  We will have to wait and see. 


I would also like to point out that I threw out a scenario were Chima would break the tie if the vote went 3-3.  I spoke hastily.  The CDT breaks the tie.  So it’s even sweeter than I thought.  J/J/and any one other person send Jessie out the door.  For Jeff fans like me, and a great deal of you, it’s gonna be a fun week.  Sorry for the misinformation. 


Personally, I think Jeff is still focused on getting Jessie out the door.  The BB house is, indeed, a tricky place were anything can happen but Jeff is looking at the finish line.  Even with Jessie and Nat tag teaming him, assuring him, he is not a target, I’m pretty confident Jeff is gonna make the move we have been waiting for.  We’ll wait and see how fast “Team Jessie” changes that tune if Chima messes around and puts Jeff up in Lydia’s place ( ’cause you know Kevin is taking her down) courtesy of the feeble brainwashing attempt of Jessie and Nat.  Sorry about your luck Jessie fans…the kid is packin’…again.  Maybe BB will give him a third chance next year and he’ll make it to week 6. 



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