The POV ceremony is over and true to prediction…the nominations remain the same. Phase one is complete…time to finish the witch off in style. This is going to be an AWESOME live show if everyone plays along. Please read and revel in the sweet possibilities.

Real quick, to recap the aftermath of the POV ceremony, the Robot apparently tried to pull off a third rate, off, off, off Broadway production of Evel Dick’s “F’ all of you, POV speech” in an attempt to shift the focus off of his “soul mate” and target himself for eviction. Is this guy the dumbest ever? You just met this broad!! What a slap in the face for all the people that REALLY tried out for the show (P.S.- ED did that to save his daughter…and you’re no ED). What’s even better, the house (and myself) completely agree that the whole ordeal was orchestrated (and, of course, it was) by one “Stripper”. That’s the recap…now on to the true genius part.

There has been a BRILLIANT/EVIL idea that I first heard being constructed two days ago and thought…WOW!!…that would make for, legitimately, the best live eviction/HOH show since Jeff and the CDT.

Based on previous outbursts, rants and tirades performed by the two classy people in question…and their obvious predictability…a combined effort to try to keep house drama to a minimum and REALLY put the screws to both the Stripper and the Robot… a simple plan was suggested. Matt and Regan (but initially Matt) came up with an Atom bomb to have the Stripper think their POV tactics were gonna work, she was staying and her “love” was going to sacrifice himself (and his toe) for the greater good of their union… thus, cueing the “Stripper’s Revenge”. Yes, REALLY. This is sooo SWEET on so many levels…I don’t know where to begin. Let’s try to point some of the beautiful benefits if this plan works:

1. Countless feeds of the Robot and Stripper thinking they fooled the world.
2. From a game perspective, the Robot only helps the Stripper study for HOH and isn’t prepared for the Whammy.
3. You will actually get to see the first ever uncontrived, genuine response in the Stripper’s face when she gets booted.
4. The Robot’s toe might actually fly off during the live show.
5. Possible punches
6. Complete shock and disbelief

The list goes on and on. Please feel free to add your own dream scenarios. I will wait patiently as the hours count down to D-day. I HOPE this goes off without a hitch. If you don’t hear from me until after eviction…it means all systems go and get ready for the fireworks!!! This is why I watch this show!!

Update:  Brenden has offically lost his mind.  BBAD last night was the best so far.  Check out this idiot as he spouts off on Regan and Brittany without even being there…then perches himself outside the DR waiting for you know who.  All the while, he rants to the camera (by himself) for a good 30 minutes.  I don’t know if this plan is going to stand.  Hayden and Enzo make me have my doubts.  I feel the Bro-gayade is getting ready to crumble.  I hope they can atleast finish out this week making the Stipper think she’s staying.  Fingers crossed.

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