So, it’s pretty quiet out there leading up to the explosion headed toward the BB house tomorrow.  It’s so bad, that I wouldn’t count on seeing a live show tomorrow.  In lieu of the constant threats to the Big Brother production squad, and repeated reading and re-reading of the BB rule book by Chima, Big Brother has asked the live audience to arrive three hours earlier than the typical 2:30 arrive time.  Not a good sign.  FYI- tomorrow’s HOH comp is most likely not a simple Q & A session.  So be ready.  Hard to believe one person could extend paranoia even to the producers of BB. 


I had previously heard that Chima has a close tie to someone(s) behind the scenes, but damn!  No audition?  No casting process?  “Special” Edits?  Now no live show?  There’s covering your bases as a network….then there’s losing control of your own television program.  Hope it doesn’t pan out that way tomorrow.  Either way it’s a sad display.


I’d like to throw something else out there.  I know that I have talked about this before, but this whole cast is wearing thin on me.  I don’t blame the people playing, as much as I do CBS.  I go back to previous seasons and see a lot more dynamic personalities who ALL WANTED to win for WINNING’S sake.  Ever since the season 9 crew (the dumb couples show) came in to play, these people REALLY started thinking they were celebrities or gonna be one.  This show has been going on for 11 years, there is hardly an original contestant left playing.  We’ve seen it before.  As an example of many, I liked Casey but now  Come on.  If that’s what BB has come to, then don’t be mad when guys like me judge you on all aspects of how I see you and call you out for it.  EVERY contestant signed on the dotted line and need to take the good with the bad if you want “fame” so bad.


 This social experiment called Big Brother is like nothing out there.  The concept drew me to the show season 1.   It is truly a battle of individual attributes as you are watched 24/7.  You get to KNOW these people, if you allow yourself.  The show had such an edge when it started and I feel like it’s escaping.  I look beyond network trickery and ratings stuff and think the show has maybe jumped the shark.  I like drama as much as the next guy but I don’t think the right people are walking in and out of those BB doors.  Casting…this is directed to you.  I had stated earlier that I wanted CBS to think about going back to season 1 and let America vote out the nominees.  Forget the CDT and high school twists, there will still be enough drama to go around because, after all, there can be only one winner.  Edit all you want CBS, we will still watch the feeds and get out the right person every week.  It might also help you cast deserving people who really want to play this game and WIN!


Let’s be honest.  There’s no right or wrong way to play BB.  It is most certainly is a chess game.  Gotta know when to move…and when to stand still.  As long as BB is on the air, I will watch and comment regardless of where the show’s direction goes or doesn’t go, but it’s getting harder to do. This is just food for thought.  Let’s see if what CBS threw out so fast after season one, might be better TV now.      

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