Like a child, or houseguest who can’t get enough of their own voice…I GOTTA end on this little…teeny…weenie…note. It’s mostly for Adam…and my own therapy…but feel free to chime in.

Adam, you are a punk (see how fast it changes). Know that. As the finale unfolded as expected…your vote that barely made it into the segment troubled me the most. It took you all of the matter of your last live camera time… to tune me off to you forever.

I have HATED…HATED Rachel and all that she stands for, for the better part of 2 seasons now. Check the reference material. I can be proven…NO…SUPER-PROVEN wrong in a lot of ways. Call me names…denigrate me…I’m good. The girl fought through amazing scrutiny…CBS exploitation (unknowingly…again…by self-infliction…sure) um…message boards (she’ll see these later)… and an amount of adversity that is almost scripted (no way, not in reality TV). I watched it happen…in “real time”…you should know what that means.

Initially I hated you…an over-compensating, over-aged, over-weight super fan goon that is just happy to have a plane ticket somewhere else other than 20 miles from home. I defended you…thought you had it right. I left you alone in your winlessness…and was ready for a different looking, fresh look at BB game play…I was wrong.

If I’m speaking to no one else other than you…you should get what I’m saying and know…deep down…you voted like an ****. A ****. You killed your own spot…and the “All Stars” pitch at the end puts you right next to your boy Enzo from last season. What’s he doin’ now, again, APPEARENCES (if that)? “Jersey Represent”…naw…”Jersey Repent”. Hey, why don’t you say something else about “metal” or make a “metal” scream again. “Metal”… is for the legends…the grinders…and the young…the cab’s full for you.

Who won America’s Vote again (JEFF)…ya (JEFF)…yep (JEFF)….and out of the bunch…majority rules.

Lose some more weight…copy ED some more with your “alone camera talks” and get ready for All Stars (resuscitate from laughter). You fooled me…and like a scorned, evicted HG from BB sitting in the JH who didn’t get his/her way…I vote against you for “personal”…not “game play” reasons.

Lastly, I always thought Hoffman (from last season…a.k.a super-genius) posting (5 dollar words when he could) on BB Network was so desperate. I mean…I post on here!! Witty and funny…depends on the think tank helping him and how much effort is involved in naturally being loved I guess. Not to hate, some posts were funny…but way too contrived (back at ya, Matt) to me. Thanks for the freedom of speech founding fathers.

To Brian who always came around to comment and point out the selective facts that mattered to his argument and “tell” us the “who’s” and “why’s”…you’re the dude in the “grocery line” I reference. I knew you’d bite on it.

I’ll see you next year…on the TV that is…BB one-four…I’m going for it. Help me out (Matt from BBN) if you can. I know I ripped on your past-HG guest star…but at least I’m “loyal” to BBN.  Bye…bye-bye…I can’t wait to see “what comes from all this”…after I make America LOVE MEEEEE!!!! Hahahaha (probably won’t make it through the first audition)

Peace out. Congrats to Rachel. You DESERVED to win. I hate you …but you really put on a spectacular Big Brother finish that I can admire…STOP FAKE CRYING!!! (for starters).

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