This feels a lot like a high school graduation in a sense.  Kinda ironic with the way the season started out.  The close of one chapter and a beginning to another.  A little time for self reflection and what these last 70+ days have meant to me.  From the moment I took a proactive stance to let my voice be alphanumerically heard, to when I gained a new respect to the anonymity and the conduct of true humans.  There have been very few achievements in my life that I am truly proud of, but I gotta say one thing about this correspondence over these last few months. 


I have never engaged in such an event.  I have never felt the need to stand up and let my opinion be heard.  Self conscience or misunderstood through my words and not truly perceived to be caring and genuine.  I was nervous.  I take things people say to me to heart.  As trivial as a reality show may be…it speaks volumes.   A band of brothers and sisters in a sense.  It’s a rare bond that is formed with the faceless and nameless.    It is magical…and beautiful.  You have all contributed to my overall well being and my faith in the class act conversationalists.  I walk away from this experience a better man.  Humbled.  A tad bit bewildered, that there are still people out there that can reason and articulate opinion in an environment with the best of intentions.    


As melodramatic as it sounds, it is true.  The best part about a forum such as this, is that you can connect with people you may not ordinarily see or hear from.  It is also affirmation that the world we live in, still moves on and there are many things to be thankful for.


I have never blogged before nor thought my opinion was any more founded or enlightening than the rest of the garbage (and there is quite a bit on the internet) that is out there.  You have ALL made me feel a part of something special.  Big Brother or no Big Brother, I’m glad I had the privilege to interact with you.  Eye opening or troublemaking…this has been a great ride.


Please know that it is with ALL the components and additions from the bloggers and commenter’s, that kept me writing and kept me on my toes.  I hope you have enjoyed my foray into the Big Brother madness as much as I have enjoyed hearing all your thoughts and views. 


I’m not gonna name any names because it has been a collective effort.  It’s bigger than BB to me.  Knowingly or not, I have benefited from ALL of your insight.  I am TRULY moved by some of the blogs and comments I have read closing out another GREAT season of BB.  All I can say is… thanks for allowing me to hang with you.    



As I told one fellow blogger in a candid e-mail exchange (that I will keep nameless)…my friends call me “Mac”.  I consider you ALL my friends and I’ll hold your hair back while you puke into a toilet anytime!!


I’ll see you season 12 (hopefully) right back here (or maybe you’ll see me on the tube).  Stay Classy San Deigo!!!


WAIT!!!  One more thing!!!  Matt (the proprietor of this endeavor) told me when I first signed up, to keep the blogs PG-13.  I have obeyed all rules set forth.  I’m HOPING he doesn’t ban me next year for what I’m about to post (Truly Grateful, Matt). 



JORDAN FUCKING WON!!!!  WAHOOO…AWESOME!!!  NAT….SNUBBED!!!  It all worked out in the end….once again.  See ya next year!!!    


P.S.-  I’d like to give a shout out to BBC in the D and B T McD!!!  Love ta love ta love ya!!!

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