I am racking my brain trying to figure out which former houseguests will be coming back into the house.  I think it is universal knowledge that Brian (BB10) is not only coming back in the house, but will be the first HOH.  It’s also assumed that Sheila (BB9) and Jessica (BB8) will be on the show.  Good old Corner Office gave us two clues.  ” One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star.”  Jessica had a showmance, so who is the other and what does being “almost an All Star” mean?  Well, I’ve broken out Season 7 and watched the beginning and those who almost made it into the All Star house were as follows: 

Monica(BB2), Bunky, (BB2), Lisa (BB3), Dana (BB4), Cowboy (BB5), and Ivette (BB6).  

The cliques have been determined (see below), but we don’t know which past houseguest will lead which clique.  

The Cliques: 


Braden, Jordan, Laura 


Russell, Jeff, Natalie 


Ronnie, Chima, Michele 


Lydia, Kevin, Casey  

This is where I’m getting a little confused.  I’m assuming that Jessica will lead Populars, Brian – Brains, Sheila – Offbeats.  That leaves the Athletes.  I’d assume that there would be 2 guys and 2 girls returning, but that would leave Cowboy as leading the Athletes since we know Bunky is doing a talk show this summer on WLBB.  That doesn’t seem logical.  Cowboy would be perfect for Offbeats, but where would that put old She-bot?  The Populars?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  It would bump Jessica to the Athletes, which makes some sense.  This leaves me with another conundrum.  Each clique has 2 of one sex and 1 of the other.  I’d assume that the returning houseguest will even out the sexes of each clique, which throws my above theory in the toilet.  I’ve been trying to put this puzzle together for about an hour and still have no clue, only a headache.  If anyone has ANY insight, please comment. Maybe I’ll just put it out of my mind since the show starts in two days.  Yeah, right!

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