Alright!  Now that we’ve seen the new houseguests, opinions of them are to be found everywhere.  Steven Diagle from BB10 hates everything about them.  Jen Johnson (BB8) gave her thoughts on each in a blog on MSNBC which were as irrelevant as any of her thoughts about life in general.  Then there are the millions of opinions all over the internet from us loyal fans.  My dilemma this year is: I’m a little indifferent about the houseguests this year.  Robyn Kass says the ideal houseguest will make us form an instant opinion about them, be it good or bad.  If that’s the case, then why, after reading the bios and watching the interviews of this year’s contestants, am I feeling lukewarm?  Is my apathy a good or bad thing?


Let’s step back a year in time.  When first introduced to the Season 10 contestants, I did have some pretty strong opinions from their bios.  A few examples?  Dan, the staunch conservative.  Libra, an unbending and opinionated liberal.  Steven, the guy who was going to smash every gay stereotype.  Well…those first opinions did not play out in the least.  Dan was very open-minded, Libra was more conservative than ever, and Steven turned out to be as much of a “bitchy fag” as he gripes about in his blog. 


I’ve decided that I’m going to accept that being unmoved thus far over our new houseguests is a good thing.  Not having strong opinions lets me start the season with a clean slate, watching their true personalities unfold before my eyes.  Those opinions will form by watching their everyday habits and actions on the feeds, not how they are portrayed on the show.  So, my friends, I think a little indifference is a good thing this year.  Let’s give the houseguests a fair chance.  We will learn about them together and I can’t wait to discuss them with you all in the forum!

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