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We Big Brother fans are literally in Limbo! Until the new Houseguests are selected and sequestered, there is nothing but white noise coming from the Big Brother 12 house. While we wait to have our Big Brother fix satiated, I have a treat for you! The delightful Kevin Campbell from Big Brother 11 has agreed to talk to us about his take on the upcoming season and what is going on in his life after Big Brother. Kevin was a fan favorite last year and will still be in our BB lives with his new project that we’ll be discussing here. 

ChiBrad (CB): Thank you Kevin for taking some time to talk to us at Big Brother Network! There are only 20 days left for the new season of Big Brother to begin. Excited? 

Kevin Campbell (KC): Thank you for having me….I’m SUPER-DUPER excited for Season 12!! When I saw the commercials I nearly peed myself. WOW it’s already been a year…it seems so fast yet Big Brother 11 seemed so long ago….VERY weird. I’m most excited to see how watching Big Brother is going to feel different for me now that I’ve experienced it. Between me and you….I hope the producers torture the CRAP out of this cast! (laughs) I’m also excited to interview some of these houseguests on my new Pop Talk! Webshow. 

CB: The finalists are anxiously waiting to see if they get a key or not. I can’t imagine how stressful that is. What is this wait like?  

KC: Oh geeezz! When I look back…this time period in which potential houseguests are waiting for the key is definitely one of the highlights for me. The month or so I felt like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland….remember X’ing out the calendar….exactly like that! I remember thinking “I nailed that finals week, shoooo!” but then I had to check myself because I didn’t want to be super disappointed if I didn’t make it. My poor boyf, he was SO annoyed with me for that month prior to getting the key, because ALL I would talk about is Big Brother! 

CB: With the new Houseguests still out in public, is there any advice that you would give them before they are sequestered? 

KC: Don’t tweet that you got selected! (laughs) Ummmmm….enjoy this moment…cause right now is like climbing the hill of a roller-coaster… Once you get sequested it’s gonna get FAST and CRAZY! OH ya….and watch EVERY SINGLE FREAKING EPISODE OF BIG BROTHER THAT YOU CAN! OMG…I regret not watching (or re-watching to refresh my memory) all the past seasons, specifically watching the competitions of past seasons. I would fast forward through those parts thinking “I just want to learn about the social game.” Welllllll what’s shown on the episodes that air you really can’t learn much from since most of the social game is boring and doesn’t make the show. So I’d say watch all the seasons….learn what you can..and watch all the competitions cause guaranteed they will re-use some.  

CB: When you finally got your key, what was it like to finally walk into the Big Brother house and what was it like knowing you had to live with these strangers? 

KC: Well first the moment I got my key itself is when it got all “twilight-zoney”….super surreal. I remember thinking, “OMG is this producer really at my job recording me?” “Is she really micing me up?” “I think this about to go down.” ….and sure enough they gave me a key and I soiled myself. I truly wish more people can experience the feeling of walking into the BB house. You all know me….I. Was. Freaking. Out. I mean even before I actually got into the house….the “blocking” they had us do on the front steps had me freaking out. I just kept trying to soak it all in cause I knew that only a handful of people get to see/experience what I was experiencing.  

For some reason the element of “getting to know strangers” didn’t intimidate me at all. I guess cause that really is the one component you can expect: there will be people exactly opposite to you. So I had mentally prepared myself for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that almost all the houseguests were great people. I was expecting A-holes. 

CB: Going on first impressions, who were the two HG’s you thought you’d clique with and collide with the most? 

KC: I know America is going to hate me for this buuuuuuut it is the truth. When I first saw Natalie and Chima during finals week I knew I was going to like them. Natalie was playing an old-school game-boy ,the old brick ones, and I thought….”omg this biznatch is gheettoooo….love her!” And I saw Chima all glamorous reading some thick ass book and I thought “educated and sexy…loves her.” Now that I think about it, it all makes sense as to why I was picked to be a Houseguest because the exact type of people I said throughout casting process that I would like…made it into the house…and the exact types I said I hate..made it. Braden was/is a surfer and I kept ranting about how I hate surfers, cause living in SoCal I tend to bump into them alot….and sure enough…the uber-surfer makes it into the house! (laughs)  

CB: Were these first impressions correct? 

KC: Some of my first impressions were spot on…others were WAY off. I thought Lydia was going to be scary…and she turned out to be rad. I thought Russell was gonna be a raging homophobe and he turned out to be extremely accepting. Overall I learned so much about myself and how I judge others from this experience.  

CB: Allison Grodner said in a recent interview that this year will be the hardest game of Big Brother ever played! Do you think it could possibly get harder? 

KC: I hope so! GET ‘EM ALLISON!! I heard her say something along the lines of needing to switch it up and make it a little more unexpected. Being able to expect what’s next helps make the experience easier so amping up the unexpected element I think will make it more difficult. Because we had Ronnie (Big Brother encyclopedia) in our house…it seemed like some things were predictable and in turn made it easier for me to handle.  

CB: Allison also said that this will be the most diverse cast of Big Brother ever. What types of people do you hope to see in the house? 

KC: I’d like to see a Tranny. I’d like to official PREDICT though the cast makeup though. I have a gut feeling this season’s cast is going to be some sort of family twist. Something along the lines of literal “households” playing against each other. That would explain the tease “biggest house ever” and would bring a new cast dynamic. Some of the best drama from reality TV comes from when they have families (Dick/Daniele , Nakomis/Cowboy) 

CB: How has being on Big Brother changed your life? 

KC: It really hasn’t. I’m the same dork that I was before I got into the house. Only difference now is when I’m eating at Chili’s someone sometimes comes up to me and is like “hey aren’t you that guy from that show with that girl that stinks?” (laugh). Now I get to just play around with hosting the Pop Talk! Webshow and talking to other reality people.  

CB: .I understand that you have a new project with the lovely Lydia. What do you have in store for us? 

KC: YES! We are uber excited about this project! One thing I didn’t realize is that there is this “reality world” were reality people hang out and interact. So I thought, why don’t we interview these people since we talk with them anyways! Then Lydia and I thought to make it even better we can expand our show beyond “reality TV” and also include sub-cultures, e.g. independent artists/musicians, lifestyles, etc. If anyone has any cool ideas to contribute they can go to, cause we are open to any ideas! 

CB: When do we expect to have some content on the site? 

KC: We just interviewed Renny from Big Brother 10, and Sugar from Survivor Gabon and Heroes Vs. Villains. Our first episode will premiere June 24th, but we miiiight release a little earlier. If we do people can follow us on twitter (@poptalkwebshow) or hit us up on our website to find out if there are any schedule changes! 

CB: Finally, what do you have to say to all your fans out there? 

KC: Ha! “Fans”. I don’t think I have any. I think there are Big Brother fans not necessarily Kevin fans. But to the Big Brother Fans, thank you for being kind to me. I could have gotten a lot of the evil directed toward me but I think for the most part I dodged that, so thank you for sparing me that! If anyone likes me I encourage them to support my new adventure with the! 

Well, this “fan” really appreciates your taking the time to talk to us today!  

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