While watching the live feeds tonight, it looks like our darling Jordan is working some magic trying to keep Braden in the house.  Here is what he has going for him.  He definitely has Jeff and Jordan’s votes.  Laura wants to keep him in because he is in her clique.  Here’s the kicker:  Ronnie and Michele are willing to sacrifice Chima because they feel that only having two people in their clique will take any target off their back, not to mention that Michele can’t stand Chima.  This leaves Casey as the swing vote.  They have yet to work on him.  As of right now, I really can’t tell if they can pull this off, so I’ll just speculate on how I hope this goes down.

I pray the house sends The Gorilla Alliance a clear message that they are on thin ice by keeping Braden.  This will tell Russell that his bullying people didn’t work and let Lydia know that she screwed over her original friends for nothing.  With Jesse, it’s just a wash because he has proven that he learned nothing from last year and has already made some major mistakes this year by putting up someone from all three cliques in the first week’s nominations and replacement noms.  Jesse has proven himself to be as big of a tool as he was last year.  Natalie is the safest in her group, but is still a big target.

So, my friends, love him or hate him, I believe that Braden staying in the house will be the best thing ever!  I will be glued to the feeds tomorrow to see how this pans out before the live show.  The day of the live eviction is the BEST time to watch the feeds.   You can watch the last minute maneuvering before the show, and see the reactions and fights after the eviction and HOH competition.  If you don’t have them, get them here.  It will be fun to watch and see if the house has the courage to take a stand against the Athletes.  Here’s hoping that they do!

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