Well I do believe that it just might be a endurance and a long one, usually the lockdown is long. And a endurance is long overdue! Last week wasn’t really considered a endurance! So lets hope it has water in it of some kind preferably lots of water!!! So Nitemare Natalie wont do well! “She hates water” As everyone prob already knows observing her hate for showers or baths also! And Spiders such as herself dont do water well!

As we saw on the feeds late nite Jeff bashed Michelle yet again going really personal now saying how she smelled, how she slept and the noises she makes and oh retold the story hes told a hundred times now about how Russell goes around asking for votes! Like noone is supposed to ask hear tell it by “King Jeff”! And God forbid if you do ask you ask it in a different way that Jeff thinks you should! Darn when are these people gonna realize Jeff is King! ooops Nat and Kevin just commented last nite after their bashing Michelle hour! That “Who does Jeff think he is King!” Speaking of him saying how they owe him, because there not going home. Yet put them on the block! I have to admit Jeffs logic makes no sense what so ever! I have to admit Jeffs sense of being in that house never makes sense!

Since he won the “WIZ”! Power is over tonight Jeff! And we also found out about Jordans diet pills and how you only eat one meal sometimes none, And even a description of how it makes you poop it all out! And it feels so good and skinny! “I wonder what part of that did Jordan think America did not see?” Dumber than a box of rocks! I doubt Jordan wins if she does I will be amazed! I am rooting for anyone but Jordan! After I saw what Jordan and Jeff do with power Im over it! If Michelle gets the power it will be interesting to see them all kiss her butt, while bashing! I wish she would find out! Maybe just Maybe she will if she wins Nitemare Natalie might just tell her! Of course keeping herself out of the equation!

I wish Russell was staying, however it doesn’t seem like he will be. Shame!

I’d love to see him put up Jeff and send him to the Jury house along with Jesse and Lydia! “laughs at the thought” Sure he did what we wanted him to do. However it wasn’t our desire that motivated him!

Remember that! Anyone with “half” a Brain, and he does have at least half a brain, would have chosen Jesse too go! And lets not forget Jordan didn’t get to put her confusing spin on it cause she didn’t know!

I dunno if this will post before the competition. But if not lets all hope it has a waterfall! Charm does a interpretation of Natalies evil sneer and winks at everyone!

Until next time!
P.S “Ian please spell check me again it turns me on”!

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