The aftermath of yesterdays competition seemed to have taken a toll, not only on Jeff who is all set to go home. But the winner of the POV also. Michelle suspects something is up I believe and she’s worried!

Michelle knows the Pandora’s Box story I am sure of it! And remember Julie’s words were there is much more surprise’s to come to the guests in the Big Brother house and then she said that what was behind the door would have an affect on the HOH.

Also Kevin , Deep in thought and even questioning if Jeff going is the right thing. As Nitemare Nat speaks to him , you can tell he is definitely starting to question his moves. And I think her opinions.

Remember Kevin said he walked into that room and it was Golden, He sure didnt just walk into a Golden room and nothing happened! Pandora’s box was Golden! And it unleashed all sorts of things. And at the bottom was hope. But after she saw all of the bad things she closed the box and left hope there!

All day Kevin has been downstairs, not taking his naps in his HOH. I find that a little strange! Or since Kevin went into that room, as they were collecting the money, Maybe Kevin came out with some sort of something to change everything! He seems troubled that’s for sure! He seems so troubled, its troubling me!

There is no way the Pandora’s box incident is over! Would make no sense if it were! As I am writing this I see Kevin all alone looking up to the sky and thinking very hard. And talking to himself! Whats brewing? In a previous post of mine I send you all the definition of Pandora’s box!

Jordan is starting to really surprise me with her why dont you try and get votes Jeff! I wont be here long anyhow , you deserve to stay not me attitude and words are really making me mad! What kind of dimwit would do such a thing?

And first Jeff was saying no no. But didn’t take him long to consider her offer did it! He is definitely agreeing with her even though he doesn’t say. And give him time, he will definitely be trying it!

Natalie insists Jeff is going, she wont even consider any scenerio Kevin has given her! Maybe Kevin should send Natalie packing!

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