Ok we just saw a side of Jordan that we have never seen before! Good greif, she took those five thousand dollar boobies and hit Russell in the chest with them! Can we say Epic? Now she says she never has done that before …However I do not believe her! She did such a fine job telling Russell off and was so quick to chest bunt those boobs into him , you cannot make me believe Jordan Dear dont do this often! The nice little girl image seems to be lifting from her. As Jeff says Jordan ” dont play the dum card” and I add just face it Jordan you are dum! Otherwise you would tell Jeff where to stick it! When he berates you! Leave it to Jordan to use her boobies as a weapon roflmao!

And Jeff? Where in the world did he get ” Do you want to have sex with me comment to Russell”? I mean seriously where did that come from? Is this guy totally dum and says off the hook things randomly? Or is he Homophobic! LOL. I am starting to wonder where the hostility comes from in that crazy house! People cannot stay,Someone has to go ! It cracks me up! Jordans going to be so nervous tomorrow “thurs HOH” that she will not be able to win Id bet! I am so hoping its in Michelles favor! I will be sitting on the edge of my seat hoping for her to win! And watching Jeff and Jordan, take all that they have said , and go hide under the blankets in the splish splash room! And lets hope Natalies web of lies are revealed! Michelle will take someone out bigtime, And somethings telling me it wont be Kevin.

If Jordan goes to the Jury house after Russell, I will seriously loose my cookies laughing! You cannot burn so many bridges in that house, they seem not to remember they could go next!

So full of it these people! And Russell playing his little tyrant on them was actually funny . Sorry everyone but I found it funny! What exactly do they expect! Wait they did expect it so whats the big deal? And Russell isnt done yet I have a notion! And Jeff , “Sorry Duuude” but you screwed the guy over! Yea Yea you saved him.but you didn’t save him just for him , You took him off the block to set Nat and Jesse up there , to get rid of Jesse! Lets just clarify that! And if he gave Jesse a vote , well you cannot control everyone in that house Duuuude! Jeff when are you gonna get it! You are playing with a wild card for backup named Jordan who doesn’t have any sense! You will be down again , and when you are! I doubt America will pull you out of this one! We see you Jeff, loud and clear! I doubt if Russell will stay, but i sure wish he was gonna! I really do!

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