“It is an idiot”, Look I have went from 100 percent Jeff and Jordan to zeroooooo!

I have never seen two players together in a showmance that are as dumb as Jeff and Jordan! What Jeff just did by putting Russell up on the block has taken away from there chances to even stay one more week unless Jordan gets HOH. And to be honest with you I hope she doesn’t!

This guy Jeff has let the choice of him to be the “WIZ” completely “go to his head.” Sorry America, but I think we created a monster! Someone please tell me this is some sort of divine plan because I’m not seeing it!

And speaking of monsters, Natalie, who looks like someone who could live in the “Addams Family house” with her sneering, grinning, shifty beady little eyes, whispering and spinning and creating the revenge she seeks is amazing! I still can’t stand the chick, but at least I have to give her kudos for using Kevin at her disposal and moving into the position she has created. I can hardly bear hearing her talk about Michelle, and making her look so bad in Jeff and Jordan’s eyes but still.

I am hoping like usual Nat does not win this next HOH and that Michelle does win and she awakens to the demise of Jeff and escorts him to the block! Leaving Jordan and her literal “hate” for Russell all alone. While I am at that subject, what a little brat, an ungrateful little brat! I am hoping Kev and Michelle turn against them all and go to the final two! I’m hoping, after Natalie announced to Kevin she would put him up (whispers like Natalie “just what the heck was that?”)

Well to finish, I am hoping Kevin turns on Natalie this week and takes Russell up on his offer! Final three! And you know what? Last week I would have never said that! Wishing it wasn’t true, but Jeff and Jordan are too dumb to win this! There I finally said it! I feel better, I have never changed so fast on who I was rooting for. Love seeing Big Brother, but its really grueling watching Russell get treated so badly by Jeff and his little sidekick Jordan. And the whispers couldn’t get more creepy than they are now between Kevin and Natalie. Time to start talking Russell!

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