Last nights Competition Looked a little Grueling. Kevin and Michelle ran about four miles! Good Job Kevin although I did want to see Michelle win it! Kevin was my second choice to win!

Ok so the concern here, is that he will put up Michelle. However I do think he will put up Jeff with her. Or even backdoor him and Jeff will be walking out the door. Late night , Kevin and Nitemare Natalie decided to go with the original plan that they had and that was to get rid of Jeff. Now we know how things change around by the hour in there so we will see!

Michelle cried very hard in the green room all alone. Tried to hide it when she went into the restroom toilet and closed the door with her makeup compact! However when Jordan walked into the restroom, she asked ” Michelle are you crying?” Michelle said yes I am and you know why! Because I am going home! Jordan fake it and tried to console her. Then as she was leaving turned her head away from Michelle and looked down making a really good grin “smirk” as if she thought it was funny! Pathetic Dumb Jordan! The Smirky grin wasn’t necessary, We shall see you cry real hard, real soon.

I felt so bad for Michelle when she was crying. I thought of all of what she had been through in that house. The crazy comments, the comments about her personally that she heard, even what she didn’t hear. And I myself felt sad. And for her to keep going like she has requires a strong mind that’s for sure.
Even though I realize Michelle has her weird little quirks like the fake yawning and such! I like her! Im all for her and Kevin in the end!

Well last nite she needed a release and she cried. I wanted to reach thru the screen and hug her. Natalie wasted no time starting her bashing and spinning and demands to Kevin, not even giving him a chance to recover without listening to it! But as I said by the end of the night , they had decided Jeff was going not Michelle!

Jeff made a comment that Michelle wasn’t even trying to win the competition. ” are you serious Jeff?” I saw her trying really hard, I saw her running out of steam, I saw her breathless. Unlike Nat and Jordan who was slipping and walking and spilling , And Nats tactics were obvious! She didn’t care to win!

I didn’t see Jeff’s little Jordan trying her heart out like I did Kevin and Michelle. King Jeff told Kevin “Lets bounce Michelle out of here then” .

Something tells me Kevin is done listening and going by Jeffs orders! And he will make his own decisions even though he will listen to nat somewhat!Lets remember he considered keeping Russell as we saw in the DR session aired!

About a hour long continuous bashing session went on about Michelle between Jordan,Nat and Jeff. Kevin listened as if he were in deep thought! Made a few comments. And mentioned that there was only one thing he believed was true that Russell said about Michelle. And he acted as if he wasn’t sure it was even that bad really.

Later Kevin did speak with Michelle alone in the HOH room for a small while it wasn’t negative and Kevin was very open with her saying he hadn’t decided yet and wasn’t gonna let Natalie tell him who to put up and he was going to ask Natalie to put her feelings aside and think strategically.

Natalie interrupted of course, when she got out of the DR. She has been following him like a little dog, just like she followed Jesse. Ever since Kevin won she has barely left his side! Thank goodness Kevin got to sleep in his HOH bed alone!

Jeff isn’t being Loyal to his little agreement with Michelle that’s for sure! He has some nerve getting on Russell about it before!

Speaking of Russell, Jordan couldn’t seem to drop the subject of Russell! She stills seems to be overtaken with the guy even after his departure! Russell left with Class! Which is what I think Russell does really hold a lot of! Out of that game! Which only made Jeff and Jordan and Nat look like fools for their prediction of what he would say and do! Loved it!
Oh and his comment to Jeff about it being a good move and I will vote for you in the finals. that set Jeff up! Loved that also!

What is behind that mystery door? I dream of Evel dick walking thru it and totally helping Michelle. Or will a previous guest return . And then a double eviction? Only one that has left so far and possibly not went to the jury house yet as we know might be Russell! Just a thought!

We shall see what Friday brings in that house and Saturdays noms! I shall definitely Write more later ! Lots of AZZ kidding is about to happen today! So I am sure gonna have more to say!


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