I didn’t watch the live feeds last night, because company demanded a little attention. However, I was unwilling to sacrifice BBAD; last night was both gratifying and disturbing to me.

Last night, when Ronnie came down for a bottle opener, Russell came inside and was all over him. “Buddy” this and “Buddy” that with insults right afterward – especially about believing he was smarter than Russell. Well, that is one thing. But going on to tell him to read the letter from his wife over and over and cry some more, that his wife will see him soon so he can cry to her, etc. That bothered me.

Yes, Ronnie overplayed his hand and is suffering for it. However, I really don’t like this bully side of Russell. Now HE is overplaying the “rub-it-in” factor against Ronnie, which in turn is making the others suspect it is a big act. While he can be a nice and interesting guy, he has a really mean streak, too. Isn’t that called Short Man’s Syndrome, when SOME shorter statured men have over the top attitudes and tend to bully others to overcompensate for being shorter than average? No offense to shorter men, it’s just that some act like Russell.

I once heard an emergency room doctor talking on Discovery Channel. He was explaining how the number of emergency cases for young men 16-25 increases dramatically on the weekends. The doctor called it “Testosterone Poisoning”. And it hit me how right he is! As a high school teacher, I see it all the time in our adolescent males. They may joke about PMS and girls, but the boys definitely get testosterone poisoning from time to time, too.

So, I think Russell has testosterone poisoning when it comes to defending himself or exacting “revenge” when he feels he’s been wronged. Jeff has a touch of it, too. Ronnie and Kevin are devoid of it. Strangely enough, Natalie acts like she has it, too, from time to time.

Maybe, Russell will back off before he takes it too far. He is getting attention for the attacks right now, but it should get old soon. I hope Casey and Jessie are able to calm things down. Ronnie is just a fanatic that became drunk with his perceived power and attention from others. He screwed up. So evict him, don’t emasculate him – he doesn’t have enough “masculate” to spare.

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