I’m sorry folks, but ever since last night, I am just distraught and a bit angry about all this Chima stuff! I decided to go back and watch the feeds to see if I saw the drug and alcohol convo correctly, and I think I did. Read the transcript that follows and tell me if you think Chima really can get away with saying she had a headache and didn’t deliberately take someone else’s drugs while drinking alcohol – but she was completely coherent and knew what she was doing. Again, why does Jeff stay on slop until tonight for a sip of Gatorade, but Chima can do this with no consequences???? If you want to see this for yourself, go to the live feeds on August 14th at 10PM, then drag the timer to about halfway / above the V in Videos. They are moving into the red room. Just watch and listen and make your own decision. The feeds go to fish for a moment or two, but if you stick with it, you see that Chima never gets called to the Diary Room until later. I guess they are willing to take the heat if something were to happen to her.

Here’s the transcript as I caught it.

Chima: “I’m officially depressed.”

Lydia: “A little.”

Chima: “I need Prozac, Paxil, and Xanax. Maybe a little Vicodin.”

Lydia: “Ooohh! You know if we had… If we each got one Vicodin…”

Natalie: “I have Naproxin. It’s a mild form of Vicodin.”

Chima: “I”ll take it. Gimme some!”

Natalie: “Want one?”

Chima (laughing): “Yeh!”

Lydia: “Right! (Chima laughing) We’ll all be liquored up and drugged up! Yes!”

(Chima and Lydia laughing as Natalie goes to get the medication.)

Chima: “We’ll be in the Have Not like…like wwwhhhaaattt? (sways and slurs) What am I doing?”

Kevin: “You’re not supposed to mix alcohol and drugs!”

Chima: “I know! That’s exactly why I’m doing it!”

Lydia: “Listen to Kevin! (garbled)…he’s like no, don’t guys, and we’re like Give me!”

(Natalie returns with the meds.)

Natalie: “(inaudible) two packs, 75 in each.”

(Natalie appears to give it to Lydia.)

Lydia: “We’ll be able to do it, don’t worry.”

Chima: “I have a headache.”

(They talk about wine and such.)

Lydia to Natalie: “It’s just one gigantic thing, it’s not two.”

(Something said about how much there is and splitting it.)

Chima: “I hope they call me into the Diary Room because I’m on Merlot and Naproxin! Bring it!”

Lydia: “Bitches!”

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