Okay, I have begun my own campaign with CBS, and I encourage anyone else fed up with it to do the same. The only feedback link I know of is www.cbs.com/primetime/big_brother and the “User Feedback” link at the bottom of the page. If anyone else out there knows of another way to complain, please let me know.

I have submitted several, and I mean several, complaints/requests/comments to them regarding how weak they are where Chima is concerned. In fact, I submitted the following 3 times, once each as a comment, complaint, and request.

CBS, please please do the right thing and assess a penalty nomination to Chima for dumping other houseguests’ belongings on the floor and pouring stuff on their beds! It is ridiculous! And I remember from BB8 that one houseguest can move others’ belongings, but they may not hide them. So, why was Chima allowed to take and hide Russell’s rosary???? The entire public audience is reeling over how much you allow this girl, and now Natalie and Lydia, to get away with on the show!!! And you pacify their threats to quit the show over a GUY by giving them what they want? Why??? You know they will just flaunt it! Is there no line to cross? Can they pretty much do what they want? If so, why even hold them to any rules at all? Why Have Nots – especially when Natalie refused to sleep in the Have Not room? You are making a joke of your own show, and a very large part of your audience is about to start bombarding you to “do the right thing” and to censure Chima and anyone else who breaks the rules. I, personally, am posting for everyone (and it is a large group) to complain to you about letting her do what she does. I also plan to begin bombarding other shows and networks to question publically why you allow the racist comments she makes. Maybe we can get the ladies of The View to question YOUR ethics with these girls, especially Chima. How well do you think it will go over to the public to know you ALLOWED Chima to call Russell a terrorist and herself the Twin Towers? Do you see that as funny? Good TV? It is disrespectful, and CBS should be taken to task over it. So, my request to you is… FORCE CHIMA TO EITHER TAKE A PENALTY NOMINATION OR LEAVE THE SHOW!

Perhaps I stretched all the blame to Chima, but I firmly believe she is the influence on the other girls. Lydia and Natalie would not have gone into the Diary Room to threaten quitting the show over Jessie if Chima did not already act like she runs the network. I wish someone would tell me why she has so much power? I sure hope CBS doesn’t use her as a reason to cancel the show. Imagine having to be around, live around, or even slightly encounter Chima or Lydia after something like that. Talk about a power trip. Somebody shoot me if Chima doesn’t go soon. I simply don’t understand!

Again, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of Chima and her power over CBS, please let them know! And a big thank you to all of you that have already asked me for the web address to complain. Let’s get ‘em!

Lori in Texas, aka BBHappy64

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