Wait! Don’t touch that dial (or remote)! The best is yet to come.

As all hard core BB fans know, Week 2 is no time to judge the houseguests and get so irritated you want to stop watching. AND, as we true believers know, each and every minute the houseguests are in the house is another chance for the tables to turn and people to realign.

Rattie has been outted, and in a way so have Lydia and Jesse. Playing too hard too early was Ronnie’s downfall. Fellow Diary Room blogger Janet is right; let’s all hope he doesn’t elicit too much sympathy from the less hard members of the house and get to stay. Unfortunately, in Ronnie’s own words, “It isn’t over until I hear Julie say “Ronnie, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.”

I suspect we will see an all new alignment in the house. Jeff isn’t dumb, just biding his time. IF he thinks about it, revealing to Jesse that he knows about the tryst between him and Lydia may give him sway with Jesse. But I think Russell may take care of that himself with Natalie.

I’m also curious to see who Russell will campaign for this week, because I think he has a major crush on Jordan. Last night when I turned off my watchful eyes for much needed sleep, Kevin and Lydia and Chia Pet were still calling for Laura’s eviction. It sounds as though that changed. They need to be careful, because Laura is smarter than than they are. Once she secures her place in the house, I think her loyalties are limited. As Lydia said last night, Laura can’t be controlled, where Jordan isn’t such a good gamer.

So now, I can’t wait to see how the campaigning goes this week and who will eventually walk out the door to Julie’s waiting arms. I hate for either girl to leave, but if I must choose one, I hope Laura goes home. It would be a shame to see someone as good as she is stay. Yes, it would be nice to see her win the game, but I don’t think the other guests will let it happen. They know she is smart, they are just underestimating how much they can use her.

Until later!

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