I called the production department at Allison Grodner Productions. After speaking my piece to a very nice young lady, she gave me a number at CBS to call and register my complaints. It is an automated system that will record your complaints and then forward them to the executives at CBS. I was suspicious at first, but I contacted a couple of friends in the biz, and they verified that this number does create reports that go to the top. So, if you are interested in leaving a message, maybe multiple messages, and registering your complaints about Chima, or any other houseguest, or you want to praise them on something (trying to be fair), then call…


Please pass this on if you are so inclined. How does it make sense that Jeff has an extra day of slop because he took a sip of gatorade, but Chima can do all she does and not be punished?????? I’m not hating on the game, I’m hating on this particular player. Chima had no right to go where she did, and she should either receive a penalty nom or be booted!

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