Reading all the comments on blogs, updates, and spoilers always leaves me surprised and slightly sad, depending upon the topic. It just strikes me as disappointing when a comment arises that supports playing the game in a negative way. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of people on BigBrotherNetwork are pro-good guy and positive game play. But occasionally we get a speed bumper.

I read a comment on one of the recent blogs that expresses irritation at those who root for the nice people in this game, stating that it is a game as if nastiness is what it takes to win. How sad I am to know there are people out there that thrive on the meanness and hatred. I know it is out there, and the Big Brother House does amplify it in certain cast members once the isolation begins to get to them. But to egg it on and actually applaud dirty play?

Obviously, I am a glass half full kind of person and tend to ignore those who seek attention and power through negativity. Thankfully, I estimate 90% or more of the comments are positive and pro-positive play; playing fair within the rules can exist, does exist, often prevails. Yet, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” all too often comes up during BB season.

Last night in the Big Brother House exhibited, in my opinion, the best and the worst of human nature. Let’s start with the best.

Jordon won HoH, for which most of us were ecstatic, over Jeff. And while Jordan thanked him for “throwing it to” her, both Jeff and Michelle assured her she would have won outright with her two hole-in-ones. It wasn’t rigged, it wasn’t cheat-easy, and it wasn’t slanted to a certain body type. She apparently won fair and square. Once her HoH room was ready, she reveals more about her family situation, offers use of the room, showers, and all the luxuries to everyone (including Natalie and Kevin – Lydia didn’t go up there), and then insists that Michelle share the room with her and put up some of her pictures too. Acknowledgment of Michelle’s shortened week in the HoH room, even though Michelle was fine with it, was not only kind but generous and compassionate. And not a part of game play. She even expresses sadness and guilt at nominating Natalie, because she knows Nat and her father are close, and Nat wants to win for her dad.

Michelle, overwhelmed by Jordan’s kindness, has it hit her full on and begins to cry. I believe she realized where she should have been the entire time, that she had a home and friends in the house after all, and perhaps felt a bit of guilt at past counter-play against them. I was sympathetic toward her and appreciated that recognition and realization.

Additionally, as a furious Lydia allegedly begins to come at Michelle with a golf club, Russell quickly steps between the two to protect Michelle. Although still a bit of a schemer, Russell has also come to realize, IMO, that he should have been on that side of the house all along. Even making a final 2 deal with Michelle doesn’t bother me, because he talks about final 4 with Jeff, from what I’ve seen. Russell tried to express his new understanding and appreciation for Jeff and Jordon’s character and game play, albeit not very well (almost tongue tied); but Jeff knew what he was trying to say and reassured him.

Jeff was Jeff and tried to be there for Jordan, reassure Michelle and Russell, and even tried to make peace with everyone in the house – even trying to talk Lydia down and offering to talk to her and help her. He stepped up as a leader, one who is born to step into it when needed, rather than assuming it ahead of everyone else. I firmly believe, of all the houseguests, Jeff and Jordan have remained the truest to their actual out-in-the-real-world selves. Jeff even worked with Jordan to make dinner for everyone in the house, as a gesture of peace and fun in this unique experience. Even though the brat pack of Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia refused to join them, they still made the effort as a natural gesture, not game play.

A final positive wink in Kevin and Natalie’s direction. During their private non-Lydia talk last night, after the HoH room reveal, Kevin acknowledged that Jordan is truly a really nice person, and Natalie commented that others would have a hard time beating her in final two because of that. Kevin is a nicer person than those he’s aligned with, and I wish he had jumped sides long ago. Unfortunately, I think he is right to stay where he is now, only because switching sides at this point of the game would be too obvious of a butt-save move. He might outlast Russell if he does mutiny, but I don’t think so. I think Russell has changed some, and J/J/M will remain true to their final 4 plan.

Now, for the naughty side of nature.

The most sickening moment of last night for me was when Lydia wanted to put a red M&M in Michelle’s food or drink, knowing M is allergic to the red dye. Lydia is not as disruptive and threatening as Chima, and last night’s drunken/drugged tirade was only an attempt to model her “hero”. But Lydia’s nature is more negative at the core. Talking about poisoning someone is a very large red flag. She may not have done it, but even contemplating such a thing makes warning bells go off. Add to that her obvious knowledge and willingness to mix drugs and alcohol, from the Naproxin incident to last night when they said she had mixed her medication from BB with alcohol, and you have a disturbed person who spoke of cutting herself when a guy she attached to dissed her. She craves attention and release from some inner hurt, and she reminds me so much of students who latch on to any attention they can get, usually negative, rather than go unseen. They don’t know how to appropriately interact with others, to win friends and influence enemies in the most effective way. So, they mimic others who get the most attention and often what they want in the end, aka Chima. Unfortunately, they also lack the ability to see beyond the initial instant gratification and recognize the long-term consequences. Lydia wants attention, she wants to be in the JH with Jessie, she wants BB to listen to her the way she perceives BB listened to Chima. I can’t dislike Lydia, I only pity her.

The only thing I can say about Natalie is that she is an “at any cost” ultra-competitive person. Lie, cheat, steal, she will do whatever it takes and cross any line to get what she wants. I don’t care for that personality type, because ethics are usually gray areas for them. Yes, she was loyal to 3 people in the house – because they were the same personality type. Birds of a feather… She is stuck in lie pattern, which surely didn’t develop just since she’s been in the House, and refuses to see any other way out of it.

None of the backstabbing things Michelle and Russell have done escape my memory. But I believe they were on automatic, based on their lives outside the House. Russell fights for his survival outside the house in his leisure time, and coming at his opponent from all angles was all he knew. He is also in a competitive business hit by the slack in our economy, and he must fight for his survival there, too. So, when every friend is also an enemy that wants to F### you in any way possible, imagine finding a friend that only wants to compete against you in an honest way. I believe the letter from his father affected him deeply, albeit took awhile to turn him around. Hopefully, he has found some peace in his friendship alliance. He won’t stop competing, which is good, but maybe it will be in a less confrontational way. Last night showed me he can be a really good guy, and I like that side of him.

Michelle seems to be awkward at socializing, probably because she spends a lot of time in a lab sans other talkative human beings. If you don’t really know how to socialize and are a bit shy around strangers, you don’t really know how to fit yourself into the puzzle. I suspect she only knew to mimic what she thought she had seen before on the show, scheming and backstabbing, but wasn’t very good at it. So, when Jordan was REALLY willing and excited to be her friend, it touched her. Maybe that has never happened to her before.

I watch this show solely for the psychology of it all. Each year, I learn a little more about people; unfortunately, sometimes I learn sadder lessons. BB9, the couples edition, sickened me with the “God’s Team” bunch – they had no earthly idea that their game play was so anti-God-like, Natalie especially. This year, those with absolute hatred and lack of empathy and sympathy for anyone else have worried me. My only solace is that 90% of this Big Brother Network family is positive and willing to debate without demeaning, comment without crucifying, discussing without disrespecting. Toss in some truly kind and naturally competitive people trying to win a game the right way, with logic and planning, and I still see some redemption in people.

Experts say experiments like the Big Brother House are a microcosm of our society. Well, if that’s the case, I think there’s hope for us all.

Until the next time,
Lori, aka BBHappy64

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