No, Jesse was not my favorite player last year. However, he did learn a few lessons along the way and is playing the game better this year.

Each year, someone makes it to the final four by gliding low and manipulating behind the scenes. This year, it is Jesse. As he just told Rattie on BBAD, “know who your enemies are, and f*** the rest”. I do suspect, though, his revealed crush on Natalie will bite him before it is over. Unless you have the personality of Eval Dick, you can’t afford to have a relationship and still win. So many people say Jesse is dumb, but pay close attention, and exactly how slick he is playing comes out.

As for Rattie, he wants to be accepted by the “tough” ones soooo badly, and he is so enamored with the attention Jesse gives him, he is overplaying. THAT will get him before long. The team of Jesse and Ronnie (Rosse????), who I think actually believe they are friends, remind me somewhat of OF MICE AND MEN’s George and Lennie.

I hope Laura is evicted this week (she’s tired of the immaturity anyway), because I like her and think she belongs on another season of BB with smarter, less vicious people. Then, I hope Chia Pet is not far behind. I don’t really want Jesse or Rattie to go too quickly; Rattie’s doublespeak is going to work against him and for the others before long. I think both sides will begin feeding him false information to set up their plans; he is too ambitious to realize the trap he is setting for himself. And Jesse is making it interesting; behind the scenes manipulation is what drives the drama I crave!

I really like Jordan, Jeff, Laura, Casey, and Russell – probably because they remind me of my crowd in high school. IF they can get a grip on the situation, I think they could take control from the “Bite Me Bunch” that seems to live in the HoH room. Jesse gets along with Jeff and Russell, so they might be able to sway him from time to time, and he in turn will lead Rattie. Michelle is simply a willow in the wind.

Now, with the exception of Natalie on BB9, I have never really come close to hating a houseguest. Until this year. I can honestly, truly, willingly, firmly, solidly say I cannot STAND Chima – whom I affectionately refer to as Chia Pet (thank you Joseph whoever you are). She is a bratty bitch, the kind you loved to hate in high school because she flaunted the Mercedes Daddy bought her, looked down on everyone, and walked around with a sense of entitlement larger than the Clintons’ (and the political talk ends there). Each time she opens her mouth, I want to reach through the screen and pull that mess of hair!!!!

I also envision stepping on Yappy Natalie and taping her mouth shut. She reminds me of a little ankle biting miniature dog that never shuts up! Geez! If these two girls would cool their tudes, they might do better. I must give props to Yap-alie, though. She’s a helluva liar and lives the adage “the best defense is a good offense”. She’ll go further than anyone thinks.

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