Janet said it best earlier in the week when she predicted that Lydia would arrange to be the 2nd person in the Jury Room to spend a week with Jessie. I agreed with her and watched the live feeds intensely to see what if anything she would say about it. And my patience was awarded only a couple of hours into BBAD!

During the crying party, when ChimNatdia were crying over the loss of Jessie and toasting roasting him as if they were at a wake rather in a game, The subject of who Michelle would nominate came up. Lo and behold, Lydia tells her new bff’s that, if she gets nominated, to just go ahead and tell everyone it is okay to send her away and then for them to “fight like hell” for their side to win. Of course, Chima and Natalie caught on immediately and said no, they couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. BUT, Lydia did exactly what we expected.

I hope at some point these people watch the show and read all these postings. Lydia had the nerve to say that Jordan was okay except that she wouldn’t stand up for what was right and showed herself to be Jeff’s Ho. She said a Ho does whatever her pimp tells her to do, and Jeff was her pimp. Lydia continues talking nasty about Jordan and Jeff and them having sex, as if she NEVER had sex in the house. Wait…she is the one who had sex! She is the Homance queen! Lydia cried over Jessie using her and bruising her, but she is crying over his eviction. Pleeeeaaaasssseeee!

I can’t wait to hear your comments on tonight’s live feeds and BBAD. This little tete e tete with Jessie’s harem is about to make me want to “cut myself” off from the show for a few days. All I can hope is that Michelle and Kevin stay solid with Jeff and Jordan. I’m clicking my ruby red slippers for a miracle!

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