It feels soooo good to be back to the Diary Room! While out of state at a conference, I had no access to Big Brother other than the scheduled CBS shows, and I relied on Matt, Janet, Doc, and Killer for my news. Great going, guys!

So after watching the non-live show tonight, I was anxious to see the live feeds and how Chima was reacting. I am listening to it as I type this, and while they are all looking at Michelle’s HOH room right now, Chima was being predictable earlier while unpacking her stuff. Her complaining about how BB has never awarded a Coup d’Etat before and one has never been used isn’t quite right, is it? I thought Boogie was awarded one but chose not to use it? Her response to it all is that the producers don’t know who they are messing with, and she’s not willing to just lay down and accept it. Chima reminds me very much of people who never admit failure or defeat and constantly tag someone else as the blame for things not going their way. She doesn’t want to go see Michelle’s HOH room, she is complaining about how her HOH room sucked, etc. It’s all or nothing with her, which I think is sad in the whole scheme of things.

Her claims about how she was cast are on my mind tonight. How true is it that she didn’t audition and was asked to join the cast by someone high up in CBS that she knows? Could this be a tactic to make her sound like she has background support for the win, and intimidate other houseguests? Or has BB really gone that far. If the latter, I really don’t understand the reasoning. I know many a quirky character out there that would be great fun to watch in the house. I also agree with Doc that the voting, perhaps, should go back to the American public, at least to some degree. Perhaps for the first half of the season, and then it switches to houseguests once the Jury House stage is reached.

I hesitate to predict anything quite yet, because Michelle perplexes me. I don’t think she is as wishy washy as some make her out to be, and I think she was fighting for her life in the house over the past two weeks. Part of me believes she will ultimately honor her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. HOWEVER, she is not a strong individual and may cave some to the bullish stylings of Chima and Natalie. Jeff made a great play in the game and was even congratulated by the evictee himself. However, when there are people around that believe the best defense is a good offense and will talk over and around and at you – so that no one else hears anything except their voice – most people prefer to just walk away or give in. How do you deal with someone who won’t shut up, like Chima, or puts themselves into discussions without invitation, like Natalie.

My biggest hope is that people who actually play the game by thinking and planning – aka Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle & Kevin to a degree, maybe even Russell – will prevail. It remains to be seen. We all expect Chima to blow a gasket, but she just might go the other direction and begin to see herself as a target. We may see a nice Chima for a while. After all, expect the unexpected in the Big Brother House!

Until tomorrow!
Lori in Texas

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