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The BB13 Season thus far

Well, so far this season isn’t much different than the past two seasons, because there are many of the same players. OK, at least there is some drama, but come on Allison G, this year  should have been another All Stars show or just a regular season, not a hybrid.  Now, let me speak of [...]

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The train wreck is almost over!

So, it has come down to Britney and the 3 buffoons.  Given the four players left in the house, this is how I would like to see the game play out.  If Hayden is smart, he will keep Britney and dump Enzo.  Then he needs to make a final two deal with Britney.   I predict [...]

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The conclusion of Big Brother 12? Does anyone care?

As a diehard Big Brother fan since Season 2, I am committed to finish watching this season, but honestly, I don’t care who wins. Truthfully I don’t think anyone left in the house deserves to win. Without a doubt this has been the worst season of Big Brother in history! Why is that? I have [...]

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