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I need this game to flip

I need this game to flip and I need it now!!! I am tired of the athletes ruling the roost. If anyone has any insight as to who is taking Michelle’s place feel free to send a reply. Ronnie should go up but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Lydia’s new name is [...]

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Can someone just….

Can someone just take out the athletes??????? I have had it with them running the show! I am so sick of Jessie and his bulldog Natalie. She truly is the most immature HG ever, running to Jessie with the information all the time. Grow a brain of your own!!! I want the house to flip [...]

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Just can’t wait….

I can’t wait for Ronnie the roach to be evicted and I wish there was a way to get Laura and Jordan off the block! Laura had him figured out first and foremost, yet she is the one who is supposively going home. Honestly, I do like both girls but Jordan is clueless a little [...]

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Is Ronnie pretending….

Is Ronnie pretending to be a straight man????? What straight man gets the Soundtrack of Legally Blonde the musical for a music request?????? Also, Lydia is Bi and Michelle is Bi…has there ever been a lesbian on BB? I am so surprised that Kevin hasn’t outted him yet!!!!

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What goes on with the houseguests….

All I can say is that BB made some serious controversy with the guests from this season! Were they looking for immature people who think they know everything about game play??? I cannot believe the levels that Ronnie will stoop to and Natalie and Chima; they remind me of pitbulls! They are very mean people [...]

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