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Breakdown of Big Brother 12 Houseguests

Who is excited for the new season of Big Brother? The house is gorgeous, and we know the faces of who we will be watching for the next 3 months. However, how do we feel about the people entering the Big Brother House this year? Every year we have our mix of brats, rats, and [...]

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OH NO! Ronnie is HoH

Last night’s episode made me so angry that I wanted to throw my TV out the window. Not only did Ronnie The Rat go back on his word to Michele, Jordan, Jeff, Laura, and Casey but he also won HoH! Now Ronnie will have to choose a side and stick to it. Peronsally, I think [...]

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Ronnie The Rat

As we have all heard last night the house flipped, and had a vote of 6-4 Chima out. (Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, Casey, and Ronnie VS. Kevin, Lydia, Natalie, and Russell.) However we have the most annoying game player ever….RONNIE!! Right now on the feeds (12:40 BBT) Ronnie is in the nice bedroom talking with [...]

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Houseguests on the Block!

So everyone the season has offically started, and right as the feeds were turned on we found out who is on the block, and the Jesse is already trying to find out how people are voting. We found out tonight that Jesse was the mystery houseguest (GREEEAATT!!, NOT!) I seriously cannot stand him, and how [...]

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Big Brother Fantasy Game

This year it seems they are bringing ways for Big Brother Fans, like us, to get involved. They added a “Big Brother Fantasy Game.” Its actually quite simple, and I have already signed up, and picked my team. The point of the “Big Brother Fantasy Game” is to select two of the 13 houseguests (yes [...]

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First Impressions On New Houseguests!

Hey everyone! This is Hunter, and this is my first blog…ever. So please give me some feedback on my writing so I know what I should keep doing, and what I shouldn’t do. Well I am going to play the interviews from both the guys and girls, and write here while the video is playing [...]

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