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(Sigh….) And the Let Down Sets In

It’s about 2:30AM EST …and I have a horrible toothache. Ouch! I just finished suffering through Evel Dick’s live backyard interviews of the Big Brother 11 cast…he was a little obnoxious but cool, of course. He sported the typical Evel Dick potty mouth and mostly talked about himself.  The sound quality was poor and the [...]

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Rise up America!

First, let me say, Janet – my girl – great blog! Ok guys it’s been a while since my last blog and the reason is because I have been absolutely horrified by the events that have taken place in the house over the past week or so.  I needed some time to relax, step back [...]

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Liar Liar

Ricky Gervais has a new movie out called The Invention of Lying. The concept of the movie is that Gervais’ character lives in a world where lying doesn’t exist. Everyone tells the whole truth and nothing but truth. Additionally, everyone believes everything everyone else says because lying hasn’t been invented yet.  It’s all truth -  [...]

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When Heroes Fall

Hi everyone! One second while I get off this emotional roller coaster….ok there…GOSH! I have to say, I am emotionally exhausted….and sad….and intrigued…and excited…and REALLY angry…and disappointed. When I first started watching this season I was a little discouraged because at first I wasn’t “connecting” with any  one houseguest. You know what I mean? Every [...]

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The Curse of the Showmance

Kind of sounds like the next Harry Potter installment doesn’t it? Well, if my calculations are correct…Big Brother has seen about 18 Showmances to date. Can I ask..when are these cast members going to realize that the Showmance is the Kiss Of Death in this game? Unless you belong to the esteemed Chilltown alliance, who [...]

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Everyone on your feet! It’s time for the 7th Inning stretch!

Well here we are…at the point in the Big Brother season where we decide if we are going to give up, accept defeat, and try to beat the traffic out of the stadium…or stick around for the final innings of the game because we’ve got a lot of time and money invested and we still [...]

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