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Kevin Campbell talks Big Brother 12!

We Big Brother fans are literally in Limbo! Until the new Houseguests are selected and sequestered, there is nothing but white noise coming from the Big Brother 12 house. While we wait to have our Big Brother fix satiated, I have a treat for you! The delightful Kevin Campbell from Big Brother 11 has agreed [...]

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Does Braden Stand a Chance?

While watching the live feeds tonight, it looks like our darling Jordan is working some magic trying to keep Braden in the house.  Here is what he has going for him.  He definitely has Jeff and Jordan’s votes.  Laura wants to keep him in because he is in her clique.  Here’s the kicker:  Ronnie and [...]

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Who is the 4th returning Houseguest?

I am racking my brain trying to figure out which former houseguests will be coming back into the house.  I think it is universal knowledge that Brian (BB10) is not only coming back in the house, but will be the first HOH.  It’s also assumed that Sheila (BB9) and Jessica (BB8) will be on the [...]

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Our New Houseguests

Alright!  Now that we’ve seen the new houseguests, opinions of them are to be found everywhere.  Steven Diagle from BB10 hates everything about them.  Jen Johnson (BB8) gave her thoughts on each in a blog on MSNBC which were as irrelevant as any of her thoughts about life in general.  Then there are the millions [...]

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Welcome to the Diary Room

Welcome to the new Diary Room feature on Big Brother Network!  Three cheers to Matt for giving the fans another vehicle to express their thoughts as Season 11 is about to begin.  I can’t wait to share my opinions with you about each show and the live feeds.   If the rumors floating around in the [...]

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